Working Together for YOUR Growth

TiE Bangalore and KEMI, Jain University have come together to provide early-stage entrepreneurs a platform to accelerate their growth through Education, Mentoring and Hand-Holding.

This innovative 9-month program, conceived by practitioners and academics from reputed institutes like IIMs and IITs, is designed as a holistic and experiential initiative encompassing concept-to-practice philosophy. The focus is on real-life problems faced by entrepreneurs across business functions, reinforced by relevant case studies and entrepreneurial experiences in the Indian context.

Who Should Participate

  • The ideal participant for this program is an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who wants to scale his or her business to the next level. The enterprise can be in any industry or sector, such as Education, Fashion, Lifestyle, Logistics, IT, Agri, Food and Allied Sectors, Technology or Social. There will be opportunities for Customer, Mentor and Investor Connects that could define the course of your startup journey.

Program Duration

March 2018 - December 2018

In-classroom | 9 months

Time Commitment


Program Fee

Rs. 3,45,000

Taxes Included | Online Payment

Key Program Benefits


Global Network


Business Model Validation


Enterprise Development


Execution for Growth


Customer Discovery


Investor and Mentor Connects

“Today’s entrepreneurs can gain a tremendous amount from curated help from a mentoring organisations like TiE and an educational institute like KEMI”


Sanjay Anandaram, TiE Charter Member, Startup Mentor, Advisor to funds, companies and organisations


ModuleCourse Content
Customer DiscoveryLaying down the business essentials
Analysis of business and market environment
Marketing Information and opportunity analysis
Visioning and developing value propositions
Identifying profitable customer segment(s)
Creativity and innovation in business context
Cost of customer acquisition
Enterprise DevelopmentUnderstanding product portfolio management
Developing a sustainable brand identity and equity
Managing services design and processes
Outlining operation and production strategies
Indian values and ethos in the business context
Enterprise finances and cost accounting
Business Model ValidationSales management
Managing operations
Mentor and Investor ConnectMentor and investor connect
Enterprise ToolkitUnderstanding and enhancing self
Design thinking module
ModuleCourse Content
Enterprise DevelopmentStrategic intent, generic enterprise strategies, scenario analysis
Go-to-Market Strategies
Managing funds and cash flows
Acquisition and retention strategies for human resources
Business Model ValidationIdentifying supply chain and channel strategies to bring a product to market
Performance management systems
Building Sustainable competitive advantage
Financial projections, budgeting and control
Mentor and Investor ConnectMentor and investor connect
Customer ConnectCustomer connect
Enterprise ToolkitBusiness storytelling
Pitching (selected) in front of investors
Negotiation and conflict management
Persuasion and communication
ModuleCourse Content
Business Model ValidationFormulating customer lifetime value
Integrating founding vision with performance
Outlining the growth business plan - formulation and challenges in execution
Execution for GrowthValuing the venture
Personal versus organisational growth trade-off
Expansion avenues and strategies
Exit strategies, Plan B and legal implications
Designating structure-differentiation, integration and span of control
Managing projects for better ROIs
Professionalization of businesses
Leadership and change management
Mentor and Investor ConnectSelect mentor and investor connect
Customer ConnectSelect customer connect
Enterprise ToolkitCreating incredible performance

Selection and Registration

Program aspirants have to first provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the program in the format provided. The EOI also comprises a Predictive Selection Assessment, which will be used for evaluating applicants. A screening committee will review the EOIs and decide on the eligibility and suitability of the participants for the program. Since all applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, the sooner a participant applies, the better are the chances of his/her application being accepted.

 Important Dates

Last date for registration: 28 February 2018

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